photo by: Nick Merzetti @merzetti


Artisan +

Alejandro is a master in the Roman plaster technique and expert architectural finisher known for his amazing projects. He's adventurous, a nature lover and occasional foul mouth.

Alejandro was raised in Havana, Cuba by his grandparents who taught him the values and lessons that now carry him seemingly through life.
"- I've always shown interest and gravitation towards everything that is Art."

He ended up traveling across countries in search of his calling and thanks to an amazing teacher, that roller coaster we call life and obviously actual art teachers, amazing people and family members who wanted him to thrive, here we are.

Though he fell in love with every artistic discipline he's an Ambassador for the plaster arts and trade secret teachings.

He annoyed the heck out of his rivals, doing way more work and paying more attention to detail than generally called for. It all paid off in the end and most of them have forgiven him for ruining the curve.

"-This is who I am, what I do and why we should work together."

video by: Shayne Gray @shaynegrayphotography


Foundation +

Interior Wall Designs was founded in Venice, Italy 1998. In 2010 we expanded to Miami bringing our special wall textures and Italian finishes abroad, in the last decade our family has expanded through USA and Canada currently located in Toronto.


Our work has become part of many residential and commercial projects, we thank our family of clients who have made it all possible, we will always be thankful and loyal to those who keep our trade and traditions alive.