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Decorative and architectural finishes can be found all over the Middle East, England, Spain, France, Greece, Scotland, recently making way into the  Americas. 

Raw materials have been used in architecture, construction and design for thousands of years
 at the start of architecture and pottery craft, soon after introduced to living spaces, hieroglyphics, tombs, castles and sacred sanctuaries," structures that still stand to the test of time " 

microcement today

Microcement is the new material of choice for architects and designers, and it is popping up in retail stores, trendy restaurants, offices and homes everywhere. Our company has helped expand the use of raw materials into residential, commercial and historic spaces in Toronto.  

benefits of microcement

Microcement offers a wide range of decorative possibilities as it can be applied over most existing surfaces such as wood, tiles, plaster and metal, and is available in a variety of natural colours and textures.

Microcement is durable and easy to clean and maintain. It's applied seamlessly without any grout lines. Its water resistance properties and its resistance to scratches and most chemicals make it the ideal material to be applied in kitchens, bathrooms and wet areas.

choose microcement

Aside from being one of the best applications in the market.

Microcement opens a door to a wider range of possibilities when designing a space, raw materials have the beauty and adaptation, this allows the artisan to create textures that are often known to evoke emotions within the space.

Designers, architects and clients can use both natural, artificial light and angles to enhance the atmosphere. It allows them to use this render and other elements within the spaces to create a desired ambiance. To view our projects and inspirations visit the instagram.


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