Our current intentions are not to bore you to death with some written mission statement using marketing tricks or integrate a made up inspirational story for our business. Here's the deal, we are down to earth...

Just like must of the businesses out there we started from the ground up, investing our time and a lot of money into our mission, having to educate, work and build ourselves.


After years of working side-by-side with architects, designers, decorators and brokers delivering high-end quality wall textures and architectural finishes, we have acquired great knowledge on products, private suppliers and styles of applications, rendering us (pun) able to target challenging projects from every angle.


We never forget our beginnings and remain humble, our mission now after all these years is to deliver functional applications to as many spaces as possible and spread our passion and dedication to an ancient trade, everyone deserves to enjoy and feel good within their space.


Know that your project will get done on a timely manner and on budget!

Have in mind, by any means do we through professionalism out the window, we are more than able to handle our vision and your project on a very professional level. 


We are Artisans in the Roman Plaster Techniques...Challenge Us!  

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