Our First Projects. The Beginnings Of Interior Wall Designs.

Humble; we love this work, because no matter what size projects we do or who we work for we respect each one of our clients equally, we are the communists of customer service ( political joke ).

Interior Wall Designs was founded in Miami Beach in 2010, since the we've seen lots of projects and worked side by side to bring lots of projects to life with our custom wall designs and applications.

In 2014 we decided that it was time to expand into Canada, Toronto GTA, I must say its been a tough run but our efforts are being notice for sure. We know are work is new to a lot of clients in Toronto and its been hard for clients to introduce our wall textures into their designs since a lot of people aren't aware of the great benefits and functionality of our products and applications, so, we have an idea...

We will show you behind the scenes photos of our work...

Bellow it's our very first project, we must thank our connections in the design industry the architects and designers that made it all possible for us to thrive.

In St. Regis at Bal Harbour in 2011 we applied our signature Venetian Plaster Porcelana Finish on Wall and Ceiling Units, Grey Sand Dune Finish on Walls and a Custom linen lined texture on all columns.