Venetian SILK bring Artistry to your Space. 2018 Design Trends

It’s time to think about the home improvement projects you’d like to take on in the new year. Redecorating a room or two usually sits at the top of that list, and of course, with redecorating there almost always comes painting and Interior Wall Designs will take on your project, start and finish on time and on budget.

Venetian Silk provides a beautiful multi-toned finish that harnesses the classic, old world charm of venetian plaster, without the considerable expense and work that a plaster application requires. The different tones play beautifully with shadows and light, providing you with a unique experience every time you look at it.

Venetian Silk paint produces the sensuous, silky, layered effect of Venetian plaster and smooth to the touch. Available in 40 striking, light-animating colours, it creates a distinctive multi-toned and luminous finish that adds unprecedented depth to walls.

Residential Spaces:

Commercial Spaces: