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Venetian plaster

The tremendous beauty and versatility of this product knows no bounds. On this project we applied a luxury finish famously known amongst artisans to be infamously hard to achieve due to the intense labour required to achieve a white marble finish.     

luxury bedroom interior, 3d picture.jpg
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Rust patina effect

The innovative design and front surface finished in natural rust also give it a unique appearance. The rust surface finish is made using a special mix of iron particles and is sprayed or applied using a sea sponge by hand in the same way as a lacquer coating.

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Microcement is a perfect choice for any renovation or can be used to finish the existing surface of new build construction. It quickly covers unsightly joints and fissice offering a tasteful high class and practical solution to transforming large surfaces such as walls, floors, stairs, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, wet rooms and swimming pools.

Gilded gold surfaces

Gilding, the art of decorating the whole or parts of wood, metal, plaster, glass, or other objects with gold in leaf or powder form.

Available in 14K, 18K and 22K

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Elegant kitchen with concrete counter an

Microcement counter

We see table surfaces as our canvas, we use extremely functional materials and render the surface creating minimal and monolithic surface finishes. 

Can be applied onto tables, countertops, backsplashes, etc. 

Metallo Fuso

Metallo-Fuso is a decorative coating for interior vertical surfaces, made from selected metal alloy powders, bi-component epoxy resin compounds, fillers and special rheological additives.

Available in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Brass

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Microcement cabinetry

Microcement is a perfect choice for any renovation or can be used to finish the existing surface of virtually any object, including cabinetry, doors, vanities, etc.

Black Mamba

A specialty custom finish, when tinted properly and applied by a professional the finish can be manipulated to resemble almost any texture, scale or hide.

modern living room with fireplace and so

Microcement floors

Microcement is a perfect choice for any renovation or can be used to finish the existing surface of virtually any object.

Due to its synthetic nature it is more resistant to heat and temperature fluctuations, making this material a great candidate for floors, fireplaces, etc.

Available in any colour, matte or gloss finish. 

Epoxy floors

We use 100% solid, commercial grade epoxy for all of our epoxy projects. This epoxy is eco-friendly, has zero volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”), and is CFIA certified.

Available in any colour or combination for decorative epoxy finishes.

Art Gallery

Microcement + Exterior

Microcement is a perfect choice for any renovation and can be used to finish virtually any surface including the exterior of this beautiful, modern Downtown home.

Available in any colour

matte or gloss finish

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Rust effect + cars

That's correct, on cars.

When we say our materials are functional on virtually any surface we mean it.

When applied correctly along with heavy duty car paints and sealers we can infact deliver our finishes onto any surface. 

car application.png